Developing Scalable CNN for Building Damage Identification

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March 28th (Thursday) 12 - 2 PM Central, USA.

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This webinar will guide you through building and deploying effective Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) for automated building damage identification. We’ll cover image classification techniques, CNN fundamentals, and hands-on experience to empower you with the skills to scale your solutions.

Key Topics:


Basic understanding of Python programming is recommended but not essential.

Trainer Bio:

Sikan Li is a research associate at the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC)’s Scalable Computational Intelligence (SCI) group. Her work focuses on developing machine learning and data mining techniques to analyze large-scale, complex datasets. She’s published several papers in this field and actively contributes to research, development, and support initiatives involving big data, statistical analysis, and machine learning at TACC. With a background in scientific data visualization, Sikan brings a unique perspective to her passion for scalable data analysis and machine learning.

Sikan Li